Belated Happy New Year 2017!

A bit late this year as I had to wait for decent scans of the recent magazine releases. Anway, enjoy!

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Happy 44th Birthday, Capain!

Happy 44th Birthday to the forever awesome Kimura Captain!
May today mark the beginning of another wonderful chapter in your life!

Here's a translation of Director Miike's serialized column in CUT magazine, Feb & Mar 2016, to celebrate this special day. <3


Special thanks to the awesome rz_jocelyn for helping proofread my translation. Itsumo Arigatou ne. ^^

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Translation of Kimura Takuya Session 001 (UOMO October 2016)

Kimura Takuya Session (UOMO October 2016)

001 Same year in school

“It will be great if there is a place where I can come to play freely as I please.” This is a serialized column, which started from Kimura Takuya’s unexpected words. The project actually got going due to his encounter with a certain person. That person is the photographer Ninagawa Mika, who photographed the cover page and “The Freedom of Clothes” (Page 42) of this month issue. Although the fields of work they are active in are different, they are the same year in school, and they were aware of each other’s presence. However, strangely they have never worked with each other before.  An entertaining session to the point that you would never think this is the first time they have had a proper talk [with each other] has started.

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Summary translation of 2 cute stories from WUS and a Japanese blog
Men&#39;s Non-no

1) What's Up SMAP 2016.08.26

Captain shared a story about how he got a chance to walk the runway at Yves Saint Laurent fashion show back in the day when his hair was still long. He met Hedi Slimane, YSL men’s artistic director, at a certain bar without realizing this is Hedi Slimane. Hedi asked him about his job. As Captain was too embarrassed to mention his acting jobs, he just gave a vague answer like "I do what I can do during that particular time", which made Hedi think Captain was a

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Captain in new Tama Home CM!
Men&#39;s Non-no
♫ Happy Life! Happy Home! Tama Home! ♪

【タマホーム公式】クラブ篇 30秒 7月16日見学会

【タマホーム公式】クラブ篇 30秒


New Toyota Corolla Fielder CM
What a good start to the 2nd half of the year with Captain in new Toyota Corolla Fielder CM! \(^o^)/
There're 3 versions in total, including Soccer, Fishing and Snowboarding. Enjoy!

D/L Link :
(Thanks to weibo for original upload)


This CM series is to celebrate Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary btw. Since RAV4 CM in 1994, Captain has endorsed Toyota products for 22 years already. Such a long relationship! Thank you for your continued support, Toyota-san!

And here's a Popular CM Ranking as of 4-6 July 2016. Congratulations!

1位~3位 木村拓哉 首位独占 俺とカローラ
4位 綾瀬はるか「運命を変えよう」SK-II
5位 中条あやみ NTTドコモ

1位,3位,4位 木村拓哉 2日連続1位 俺とカローラ
2位 菅田将暉「Check it out」ファンタ
5位 新垣結衣「これが洗う雪肌精」

1位,2位,3位 木村拓哉 再び首位独占 俺とカローラ
4位 宮崎あおい ひんやりあんず
5位 菅田将暉「いっせいに弾けてこう」ファンタ

Captain's Visit to Kumamoto together with Ishihara Gundan and Nagase & Okada
Men&#39;s Non-no

The other day a certain local guy in Kumamoto posted this entry on Facebook to talk about Captain's visit to Kumamoto together with Ishihara Gundan and Nagase & Okada. Someone asked me to summarize what he wrote. So, I'm posting here, too in case anyone is interested as I already translated anyway. ^^

Source :

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Translation of Captain's message on the latest SMAP newsletter
Special thanks to the awesome @chiisana_hoshi on Twitter for helping proofread my translation.
As she said, Kimura's syntax is always special. It often gives me a headache, how to put his thoughts into proper English. So, I need a second opinion from her to make sure I didn't make something

Captain on the cover of UOMO April issue
Now that Captain has finished filming "Blade of the Immortal" already, here's at least sth. Captain fans can look forward to for his individual work. :)

UOMO April issue to be released on 24 Feb! YEAH!

According to a tweet by UOMO editor in chief, Captain just had a photoshoot for UOMO this week.

The photographer is Shinoyama Kishin-san. You can look up his profile. Not too sure if we can expect sth. smexy. :P But one thing for sure, he's the one responsible for UNO photoshoot in 1996. ^^

Speaking of UNO, here's an interesting old episode shared by Hanada Kazuyoshi-san on a newspaper article during Captain's marriage uproar in 2000.
(Source :

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Very Rough Summary of SanTaku Talk [Part 1]
Here's summary of what Sanma-san & Captain talked about during the talk corner this year. So omoshiroi! xD Enjoy!

(Note : I don't guarantee 100% accuracy. It's especially difficult to catch Sanma-san's high-speed kansai dialect. ^^" So, if you find any mistake in my translation, please feel free to let me know.)

[Part 1] Until before the sword challenge corner was shown

-  As usual, Sanma-san started the show by complaining that thanks to Captain’s tight schedule every year, they had to film a New Year’s show so early (in November). :P

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